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Although Russia’s mining sector holds significant production growth potential, due to its rich mineral deposits, the country’s mining growth output is being held back by the regulatory challenges, Western sanctions and weak mineral prices. To attract new investment the Russian Government is preparing regulatory changes and plans to open bids for the development of Sukhoi Log and other major projects in the Far East and Siberia. With the low rouble costs and capital infusion from Russia’s key trading partners in the East, are the local operators and international investors expecting growth in Russia in 2016?  Prospects for the development of mining projects in Russia in current economic and geopolitical climate. Living under sanctions – business goes on. Changing sentiment in Russia’ mining economic and FDI agenda. Proposed changes in Russia’s Subsoil Use law – are they good for business? Government-led initiates aimed development of the mineral resources of the Russia’s Eastern territories and Kamchatka. Recent trends in large cap mining projects’ implementation in Russia. Over 350 new exploration licences have been issued by the Subsoil Use Agency Rosnedra in 2015. How are they going to be financed? Mining cost control and optimising in Russia – lessons learnt.

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SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd
General Director
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Bryan Cave LLP
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Auriant Mining
Director, Corporate Finance & IR
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Advantix Ltd
Advisory Director
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M2 Capital Partners International

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Kazakhstan is one of the most developed countries in the post Soviet area with GDP per capita (PPP) surpassing Russia’s this year according to IMF prognosis. But Kazakhstan still heavily relies on extractive industries to produce this growth. Russia is the biggest foreign trade partner for Kazakhstan. Which posses additional threats to the vulnerable economy.

– Will current reform in exploration and mining regulations generate a new world class investment destination? Is there a reform?

– Several major miners already work in Kazakhstan – should the country concentrate on big, capital and labour intensive  project – “good” vs “bad” capitalism?

– Is Central Asia and Kazakhstan in particular, immune to Russia’s economic malaise?

– Can mining industry become a new-old locomotive for Central Asia economy development?

– The New Silk Road project and Chinese infrastructure investments – a great economic stimulus or independence threat?


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CSA Global (UK) Ltd
Principal Consultant – Corporate and Business Development
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Amec Foster Wheeler
Regional Business Development Director
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Central Asia Metals
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London Stock Exchange Group
Senior Manager – Emerging Markets, Equity Primary Markets
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UK Trade & Investment
Mining Specialist

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